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Friday, 02 June 2023
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Unswerving Commitment to Quality

Our qualified team exercises unswerving commitment to Quality at our premises, a high level of consciousness and vigilance is exercised by our qualified team at every stage of the manufacturing process, in order to maintain uniformity and perfection. Everything from product design, production, inspection, packaging till dispatch are completely streamlined.

All employees understand that quality and customer satisfaction is our first priority. Quality is continuously instilled in our employees through training and performance monitoring. New employees are trained in awareness and accountability of our quality procedures.

The main function of the Quality Department is to monitor process tooling, molding and assembly operations. The Quality Group also collects and prepares product validation data per customer specification. This data may encompass:

- Product Testing
- Capability Studies Using Statistical Process Control Data

Other Responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Group

-  Develop Product Specific Quality Plans.
- Training Of Production And Assembly Personnel.
- Conduct Supplier Quality Assessments.
- Maintain Calibration System.
- Audit Purchased Material.
- Conduct Internal Systems Audits (Supplemented By Independent External Audit)
- Investigate And Resolve Product And System Corrective Actions

We maintain a high degree of quality check at each and every step of our process. We are able to provide our clients the best quality of product due to high quality of skilled labour and experience.

Pramukh is committed to meeting customers' requirements and increasing customer satisfaction through continually improving our products, services and quality management system.
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