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Sunday, 24 September 2023
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Pramukh has some of the most knowledgeable engineers in plastics, plastic machining, plastic fabrication, and thermoforming in the country. We have worked with our customers to specify the appropriate material, to improve the design of the component and to reduce costs. We help you make your work less time consuming and more cost efficient.

We help you with:
- Design Assistance
- Material Selection
- Design for Manufacturing
- Value Engineering

Our State of the Art Moulding Machining Department operates microprocessor controlled Injection Molding Machines, Pad printing (Multi colored) with online corona treatment, and conventional machines to provide its customers with precision machined plastic components. Manufacturing cells allow us to cost effectively machine components. Equipment is upgraded continuously to ensure that our capabilities exceed its customer's demand for precision machined plastic components.

When a custom design is needed, look no further. Pramukh has a complete in-house tooling facility to provide fast, low cost tooling. Our sales and engineering staffs will be glad to assist you in determining the best design for your application.

For only pennies more, Pramukh’s unique printing process with online corona treatment lets us bond your company name, logo, character design, etc. into the vinyl moldings .

The pad lifts the ink from the etched part of the cliche and transfers it on to the object to be printed. This machine has an open inkwell which contains ink & holds the cliche plate on which doctor blade moves. On the forward movement of the machine , the spatula spreads ink on the cliche plate & on the backward stroke the doctor blade cleans the surplus ink off the cliche plate so that ink remains only on the etched portion. The pad then comes down and lifts the ink from the cliche plate and transfers the same on the product. The time between the backward &forward movement is used to change a product on a fixture by putting unprinted one & replacing the printed one. The speed of the machine can be infinitely varied by adjusting the knobs for the various movements of the machine pressure given below the microprocessor. The pressure of the pad on the cliche and the job can be varied by using the adjusting knobs given above the vertical cylinder.

Skilled operators ensure close tolerances, permanently bonded ink, and strict conformance to client specifications. Multi color printing is available.

Pramukh also has a fully staffed art department to help design your logo and instructions at economical prices.

Our manufacturing services do not end with machining, Pad Printing, and thermoforming. Pramukh is a full-service manufacturer offering a variety of operations to provide you with complete turnkey solution for your manufacturing needs. Additional manufacturing services that we offer to custom machined, Pad Printed, and thermoformed plastic components are:

- Optical Polishing
Surface finish and interior feature clarity are important to both us and our customers. We take great pride in our ability to provide unparalleled polishing and optical coating services including Lapping, Chemical Polishing, Flame Polishing, Buffing, Tumbling & Proprietary coatings to improve image resolution.
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